what i learned in school (not calculus-based)

We made it.

Today was the last day of school for me; senior year has finally come to an end.  I learned so much in the past four years.  I’ll rarely use many of these things such as finding the volume of a shape revolved around the x-axis or determining the force acting upon a high speed electron in a magnetic field.  But I did learn an incredible amount of things that I will use for the rest of my life, and almost none regard academics.

Don’t do what makes others happy, do what makes you happy. Unless of course what makes you happy, also makes others happy.  But that is often not the case.  People are difficult, and some are extremely manipulative.  They want you to do whatever is going to benefit them the most.  For a lot of decisions in life you are going to want feedback from others, but there are some decisions that just require you to actually listen to your gut.  Sometimes it’s the only thing that knows what’s best for you.

Let others have their moment, even when you wish it was yours.  My biggest pet peeve throughout school was when somebody lost some kind of competition, and refused to be happy for the person that won simply because they were bitter that they had lost.  It’s okay to be a little disappointed, but celebrate for someone else.  A simple “congratulations” or “great job” really does mean a lot to someone, and shows incredible integrity and character.

Not all friendships last.  As we grow up, we make an incredible number of relationships with all sorts of people.  We also forget about many of these, or they simple fade away and that person becomes a stranger again.  It’s up to you to determine how strong and long-lasting you want a friendship to be.  Don’t expect it to just always be there.

Enjoy the little things.  Cliché? Absolutely.  But hey, this is one of the greatest habits to have.  You get to appreciate life so much more if appreciate all the small things that happen.  These things include: when Pandora is on point, favors by a friend, a beautiful day after a stormy one, finding money you didn’t know you had, or just by making somebody genuinely laugh or be happy.

Life is all about perspective.  When you are having a horrible day, find a reason to smile.  When you feel like you don’t know anything, focus on what you do know.  You can either dwell on the situation you’re in, or you can accept it and move on and be happy.  Either way, you’ll still be in that situation.

These are things that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.  They help me maintain my optimistic lifestyle, and allow me to be a source of positive energy for others.  To the educational system that guided me to these things, thank you.


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