if you can spare the time

What is time?  It’s an easy concept to understand but how do you actually describe it?  Time is a man-made idea.  But it cannot be manufactured.  It’s a mythical unit of measurement that controls every aspect of our lives, whether we know it or not.  Imagine how much you’ve missed out on in life because of the most annoying excuse “I don’t have time.”  Time dictates when we eat, when we sleep, when we do just about anything.

Time is currency.

It’s the most valuable currency we have and it’s non-transferable.  If you had all the time in the world, you could do just about anything.  Time allows you to accomplish your goals, heal from your wounds (both physical and mental), and create relationships.  The thing is, even if you lived until 147, you still wouldn’t have enough time for everything you wanted to do.  But how? 147 years is a long time and most people would probably look back and think they did pretty well.  Unfortunately, it’s not always about the length of time you have that determines how well you spent your time.

On any given day just try to list everything you would need to do and want to do.  Obviously you aren’t going to be able to do all of those things, no matter how badly you want to.  You just don’t have enough time.  Anything you want to do, limits you from doing something else you want to do.  You see, time is a day-by-day currency.  Every day you are allotted 24 hours to satisfy your needs and fulfill your wants.  Nothing will ever change that number.  No human invention will increase the length of a day.  One might increase the human lifespan to 147 years but what you wanted to do at age 24 might be difficult to accomplish at age 129.

All I’m trying to say is your time is limited, no matter how hard you attempt to believe otherwise.  Spend it wisely, on things that matter to you.  Spend less time laying down, scrolling through Vine and spend more creating memories that you wish you had at age 147.  And to whoever has spent their time reading this post, I hope it wasn’t a waste.


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