let it go (not Frozen style)

My graduation party is this week, and to prepare for it my mother has required me to clean every part of my house, including all the unused corners and dust-collecting shelf ornaments.  As I was re-organizing my room to satisfy the expectations of my mom, I came across all of the objects I kept for sentimental value.  I found two yearbooks with scribbles from my classmates.  I got to reminisce on the friendships that I used to have, and how much things have changed since freshman year.  I found all my rocks and coins ($14 worth), and even an old essay I wrote on Neil Armstrong that I got a perfect grade on.  I dusted off all of my trophies that I have accumulated throughout my athletic career.  It took me hours to go through it all and I couldn’t understand why as a child I would keep all of this crap.

Then I remembered that it wasn’t crap.  At one point those trophies, those coins and rocks, and those yearbooks used to be my treasure.  I would have protected those things with my life.  They still meant a lot to me as I found it all today.  It was as if when I was younger I stockpiled these things to preserve my childhood.  I never wanted to forget the times I had with the people I loved or lose the things I worked so hard to collect.  Now I’m about to leave for college and it all hit me.  So what did I do?

I threw most of it away.

I’m not going to forget all the great times I had.  What made them great is what makes them memorable for a lifetime.  I don’t need a physical object to represent a memory.  My childhood stockpile was a reminder and a farewell.  It reminded me of everything I accomplished, and that I should be proud.  It provided me with reasons to smile if I ever feel upset.  But also, it needed to go so that I could go.  It will always be with me if i ever need it.

We all possess object with extraordinary sentimental value.  We often only acknowledge these things if we are cleaning the house or showing a visitor.  These objects can lift you up during your darkest days, or they can anchor you to the bottom of the sea.  Sometimes, no matter how incredible the view is, you have to lift the anchor and move on.



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