i am not a writer


I write, but I am by no means a writer.  I enjoy typing my cliché thoughts to both friends and complete strangers.  It’s kind of neat to think that other people are actually reading what I have to say.  If creating and being active on a blog was being required of me for a school assignment, however, I would resent it.  When I am forced to do something, I do whatever I can to make it as difficult as possible.  I hate writing.  I am not very good at it, and sometimes lack the ability to fully develop my thoughts.  But on here it comes naturally, and I enjoy it.  Not many people care about my thoughts, observations, or advice, but I can record it on here regardless.  I made this website as a fire escape for my rants that are longer than 140 characters.  It’s a way to organize my mind and keep it on file if I ever need it again.

But what I’ve seen from the blogging community has somewhat disgusted me.

Oh yeah, I thought the Twitter community was bad enough but now that I’ve gotten the chance to start following other blogs and read other people’s mindsets I’m not too impressed by the content here either.  Twitter has become a cesspool for plagiarism.  You see all these made-up accounts ranging anywhere from sex and relationship advice to parody accounts of famous people stalk each other on a daily basis just to copy each other’s tweets and fish for retweets.  Much to my surprise, bloggers use the same devious tactics and then some.

I have been following back accounts that follow me in an attempt to expand my miniscule blogging influence and I came across an account that is seemingly obsessed with getting likes, views, comments, and reblogs.  It is almost like that is the only thing this person is using their website for.  Don’t get me wrong, getting a good amount of views makes me smile as much as the next guy but I am perfectly content with zero views in a day.  Then there are people that copy and paste other people’s posts, and re-post their own material in an attempt to gain more views, or people that post upwards to twenty times a day to constantly have traffic to their blog.  To me, that is just unnecessary and annoying.

Then again, I should have expected this from yet another social network.

Social networks: created for the right reasons, used for the wrong ones.  When did a like, view, or retweet become more important than actually connecting with people?  I wish that some people could rearrange their priorities.  In ten years social networking will be obsolete, and no amount of retweets or views you’ve accumulated will mean a thing.  But the relationships and connections you start and maintain could last forever.

I want my writing to have more depth than a cry for views, and I want people to read my blog only if they enjoy it.  No, I’m not a writer; I’m a broke college kid wannabe midnight philosopher trying to piece my mind together.  But at least I can be proud of why I’m writing.



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I'm just a college student trying to organize my cluttered mind.

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