When Do We Want It?


It has increasingly been said that my generation is one of “being in the now.” It’s true. With technology becoming more and more advanced our means of spreading information is unbelievable. Information used to move in slow motion; World news was among the most powerful before the rest. Now if anything happens around the world millions of people will learn of it moments after, and millions more will follow as the first spread it. It’s honestly incredible, and scary. For everything that happens, think of the movements that are created soon after. Does anyone remember Kony 2012? Or how about the most recent controversy in Africa regarding a young woman hunting rare big game? Two very different examples but years ago nobody ever would have known or cared about either. Nobody can get away with anything anymore (Especially you, Russia!).

My generation is addicted to information. No matter how big, small, important, useless or time-wasting it might be, we want to know it and we want to know it now. Now. We want to be the first to know it. We want to be the first ones to tweet about it. We want to post the best photo for the occasion before someone else does. It’s some insane race to know all the dirtiest secrets of your peers and the world. People love watching the social media drama. We want to be the story-tellers, not the listeners.

But it’s not just my generation. I’ve seen it in adults as well. Smartphones and internet have kept people of all ages scrolling non-stop for a few years now. There are full-fledged adults, who were probably recently introduced to smartphones in the past few years, who say they could not live without their phone or Facebook.

We’re all living in the now. It’s a wonderful tool, to know everything, but is it entirely good? The world has lost its patience. People throw temper tantrums if their text message won’t send after 30 seconds. People can’t sit through traffic anymore. People can’t wait for anything anymore. Nobody can sit back and smell the roses, or enjoy a gorgeous sunset, or just relax. I’d like to think I’m a patient person, but this “living in the now” syndrome has taken an effect on me too. And I absolutely hate it. I guess what this post is about is to just point out how people always used to say patience is a virtue, and now it seems like patience is becoming the lost art of the world. Can we bring it back please?


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One response to “When Do We Want It?”

  1. kutukamus says :

    Yes, it looks that everybody is care less about patience and more about speed these days, and no one seems to really care where it is going. I wonder what the next ‘now’ generation has to say about this. šŸ™‚

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