What is common blogic?

Have you ever been up a little later than you probably should’ve been and come up with some radically inspirational thought?  Most of us have.  And unfortunately most of us have difficulty talking about these thoughts.  Some people feel uncomfortable sharing these deep thoughts with others.  Makes sense.  Apparently emotion is overrated.  I didn’t get the memo.  However, the other reason people can’t discuss their incredible thoughts is because they literally can’t or just don’t know how to articulate them.

These thoughts come to us all.  Whether we remember having them or not.  They are things that could be defined in 1000 different ways, and are capable of sparking inspiration in the minds of anybody.  This is common blogic.  Thoughts that are so expansive and intellectual, that hearing them or reading them generates deep reflection from the most stoic of beings on this planet.

I come up with everything.  My thoughts are choppy; I created this blog to record and complete them.  It’s for my own sanity, a means of escape for anything burdening my mind.

But I also want to share every bit of it.  So if you stumble across this URL, hopefully you see something that you’ll enjoy.  I won’t mind if you visit again.  Welcome to Common Blogic.


4 responses to “What is common blogic?”

  1. justkate914 says :

    I tried to follow your blog, but can’t seem to find a link to do so. I’m also new to blogging, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was right in front of my face… If you get this message, please let me know how to follow and I’ll do so.

    • commonblogic says :

      It notified me and told me you followed me so I guess you figured it out. Thanks! I’ll follow back.

      • justkate914 says :

        LOL Yes, I found it. Sorry about that. Really like the way your blog looks. I’m so technologically challenged I don’t dare mess with mine. I’m just going to leave it the way it is and try to fill in the blanks (about, pictures, etc.) along the way.

      • commonblogic says :

        I just tried to keep it simple. I’m just worried the text doesn’t contrast enough with the blue background. But besides that I love mine. I also like yours, very easy to navigate. You don’t need to change much in my opinion!

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